Manta Ray(F.D.Notation) Robert Meldrum (with consultancy from Jane Sellers) 28 x 28 x 3m. Acrylic Plastic, Basewood, Magnetic.

Circles are: Castle, Four Rounded Turrets. Knight, Raised Arrow. Light Squared Bishop, Crescent. Queen, Rings, Grated. King, Flat Plateau. Dark Squared Bishop, Crescent with Dot. Pawn, Small Circle.
Squares are: Castle, Four Square Turrets. Knight, Sunken Arrow. Bishop, Step. Queen, Spikes. King, Space with Border. Dark Squared Bishop, Two Steps or Canal. Pawn, Small Square.

Worked out with methodical care after an inquiry to broaden the range of Jane Sellers consultancy, this design looks a little less to the Cafe and more to the beach in its aesthetics. Original prototype Sets can be obtained by contacting this sites email and Jane Sellers takes %50 of the understated sale of £10,000 each. Although fully functional the prototypes are delicate, and are advised to be kept for display by there owners.