(Manta Ray)F.D.Notation Robert Meldrum and Jane Sellers 28 x 28 x 3m. Acrylic Plastic, Basewood, Magnetic.
Circles: Castle, Four Rounded Turrets. Knight, Raised Arrow. Light Squared Bishop, Crescent. Queen, Rings, Grated. King, Flat Plateau. Dark Squared Bishop, Crescent with Dot. Pawn, Small Circle.
Squares: Castle, Four Square Turrets. Knight, Sunken Arrow. Bishop, Step. Queen, Spikes. King, Space with Border. Dark Squared Bishop, Two Steps or Canal. Pawn, Small Square.

This system could be adapted commercially, perhaps for Robotics, for that please do go straight to Jane Sellers at Janesellers6@gmail.com. Serious Industry only please.